Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ugly Mug Exchange

An Ugly Mug Exchange is similar to an Ugly Sweater Party or a White Elephant Gift. The only exception is that guests are exchanging mugs instead of sweaters or white elephant gifts. 
 The mugs should be inexpensive and unique. I usually find the best "ugly" mugs at thrift stores, such as Deseret Industries, for about fifty cents each. They are fun to browse through and pick out without feeling any pinch in the purse.

Almost any mug will work for an "ugly" mug. One party a friend of mine walked away with a cat-shaped mug. Santa mugs, pink princess mugs, or mugs with funny sayings are usually popular too.Even a syrup "mug" works.  Seldom are the mugs really ugly. They are usually decorative in someway. Just keep it fun and simple.

Bring the mug wrapped to the party. You will need one for each person participating. Have all the guests sit in a circle, so they can easily view the gifts in the center. You can either start at one end of the circle or have each guest draw a number. Start at the end of the circle or have the person with number one go first. The guest chooses and unwraps a mug. Then the next person can either steal his mug or choose another mug to unwrap. You proceed through everyone one at a time. Each person can either steal someone else's mug or choose a new one to unwrap. When someone steals a mug from a previous guest, they can either steal a different mug (not the same one back) or unwrap a new one. Being the last person has the advantage of choosing from them all.

When everyone has a mug, then you can celebrate with hot chocolate and ice cream. Scoop ice cream right into your new mug and pour hot chocolate over it ... yummy! You could choose to celebrate with hot cider, punch, root bear floats, or some other party favorite.

An Ugly Mug Exchange is a fun, inexpensive party game for all ages. They can be themed: pick mugs that are only a certain color or a certain size. Some of the best parties, however, are left open for everyone to pick their own unique style of a mug to contribute. There are a lot of crazy designs for the finding that can later create laughs or a frenzy of stealing. In the end, everyone walks away with something new to take home.